Your benefits:

  • Flexible, fast and highly accurate
  • Non-contact and wear-free
  • Full inspection
  • Virtually independent of surface
  • Multi-point measurement
  • Compliance with industrial standards
  • Easy-to-automate
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

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Fiber Optic Distance Sensor - Series FDM

Measuring in the smallest of spaces

Where high speed meets dimensional accuracy

In precision manufacturing, a few micrometers or nanometers make all the difference in innovation, functionality, design and quality. This is why the series FDM fiber optic distance measuring systems work with high-precision sensors for distance, shape and roughness measurements in the nanometer range. With a diameter of only 80 µm, the miniaturized measuring probes capture microstructures even in the smallest cavities. FDM – sophisticated quality and precision control.

Highest Accuracy: FDM-1

  • Measuring range: 80 µm
  • Accuracy (standard deviation): >3 nm*
  • Diameter of measuring probe: >80 µm

Large Measuring Range: FDM-2

  • Measuring range: 1 mm
  • Accuracy (standard deviation): >10 nm*
  • Diameter of measuring probe: >80 µm

*For point measurement with a working distance of 0.1 mm on polished glass.


  • Surface profile measurements:
    roughness and waviness
  • Testing form and position (GD&T)
    e.g. roundness, flatness, straightness and parallelism
  • Highly accurate position detection for component alignment
    multi-point measurement possible
  • Measurement of expansion, drift and vibrations
    on ultra-precision machines and machine tools
  • Measurements in the most confined spaces
    such as micro-holes or spray holes of spray nozzles
  • Testing of lenses, wafers and optical flats
  • Measurements in scan mode for 3D display
    e.g. of freeform surfaces such as gear teeth, turbine blades and optical components
  • Integration in roundess, roughness or coordinate measuring machines