The innovative fiber optic distance measuring systems provided by fionec GmbH enable the user to perform ultra-precise measurements in the nanometer range on virtually any surface. The measuring systems can be used as real-time capable sensors and are extremely flexible. Interfaces are provided, which allow for integrating the systems into existing processes and equipment. The supplied software ensures that the user can configure and operate the measuring systems easily and intuitively.

Our distance measuring systems are the ideal solution for applications that require flexible, highly accurate and non-contact measuring technology. Their capability of using highly miniaturized measuring probes with diameters down to 0.08 mm is unique in the optical metrology.

  • Detection of geometrical features even in small boreholes and extremely confined spaces (injection nozzles, turbine blades, MST components)
  • Performance of form and roughness measurements for the inspection of optical surfaces, lithographic structures and wafers
  • Detecting and checking the concentricity of print rollers, rolling bearings and turned components
  • Detecting and checking the runout, tilt and wobble of precision axis
  • Detecting the levels of expansion, drift and vibration of ultraprecision equipment and machine tools
  • Integration into measuring devices, machines and production facilities (single-point and multiple-point measurement systems)