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The DataViewer is the perfect tool for simple and easy displaying and processing of data series (e.g. measurement series). The DataViewer integrates intelligent zoom and export functionality and various mathematical operations. Through the intuitive user interface and the flexible usage, the DataViewer is the perfect data tool.

DataViewer Basic

  • Intelligent zoom functionality
  • Display of mouse and position coordinates
  • Arbitrary amount of displayable data series
  • Show and hide data series
  • Display of minimum value, maximum value, average, PV-value, standard 
    deviation, current value and difference to previous value (for every data series)

DataViewer Pro

  • Add counters, constants and copies of existing series to your project
  • Export to tabs, files, and documents
  • Addition of constants, random values or data series
  • Multiplikation of constants or data series
  • Absolute values
  • Normalization
  • Moving average (uniform or weighted)
  • Moving standard deviation
  • Regressions and corrections
  • Band-pass filter
  • Fourier Transformation
  • Roughness according to EN ISO 11562
  • Favorites: Save and restore frequently used operations
  • Create appealing print journals

System Requirements

- WinXP, Vista, Win7
- Recommended: 1 GB RAM, 2 GHz