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fionec GmbH

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More than 10 years of sophisticated fiber optic technology

fionec GmbH has been established in 2007 in Aachen as a high-tech enterprise for the development of sophisticated optical technologies.

The mission of fionec GmbH is to provide its clients with innovative, highly accurate fiberoptical systems and components for customized measuring applications in industrial manufacturing. 

During several years of intensive development activities at the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT, close ties have been established with the scientists and engineers at the IPT Department for Production Metrology and Quality Management. This relationship provides a guarantee for the innovative strength and high quality of the company’s product range. Operating from its base at Aachen, fionec GmbH also benefits from its integration into the top-quality R&D environment of the local technical university, the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH). 

The product range of fionec GmbH features different fiber optic systems capable of delivering high-accuracy distance measurements in the nanometer range. The modular structure of these systems – comprising a sensor unit and a measuring probe – allows their
use in a wide field of applications.

The systems guarantee measuring accuracies of up to 2 nm on nearly all surfaces. Miniature measuring probes that are coupled with optical fibers make it possible to perform quick measurements in small boreholes or confined spaces with standard measuring rates starting at 2000 Hz. 

Special system configurations also allow for the installation of multiple-point measuring systems that can perform parallel or sequential measurements. Through the use of such complex systems, radically new strategies can be developed to address the metrological challenges of today. 

The range of services offered by fionec GmbH includes the provision of individual advice concerning optical metrology issues, the design, simulation and construction of fiber optic probes and the customized adaptation of the company’s standard measuring systems.