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Optical fibers and equipment

Patchcords and Pigtails

CORNING Specialty Fiber (Product suggestion)

  • HI780, HI980, HI1060
  • HI780 FLEX, HI980 FLEX, HI1060 FLEX
  • Brilliantly applicable for metrology, sensor technology and optical coherence tomography (OCT)

 Patchcords & Pigtails

  • Fiber: singlemode, multimode
  • Connector (excerpt): SC (PC, APC), FC (PC, APC), SMA
  • Pigtail: Ferrule only (PC/APC), bare fiber
  • Tube cladding (excerpt): 0.9 mm / 2.5 mm / 3 mm
  • Camera-based/interferometrical quality control of connector end face
  • Design, construction and assembly of OEM interconnects
  • Vacuum-capable solutions

 Fiber optic equipment

  • Optical fibers (SM, MM, GRIN)
  • Ferrules, capillaries, sleeves etc.
  • Fiber packaging tool
  • Fiber packaging equipment (cleaving, splicing and polishing)
  • Equipment for the manual assembly of optical fibers

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